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Over 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE at your disposal.

STP has always specialised in producing plastic containers such as BOTTLES, JARS,
CANS and TECHNICAL ARTICLES. Completely in-house production cycle.


The founders Battista Schiavo and Marino Faccin have managed, with their Team, a continuously evolving business for over forty years. Our goals include those common to everyone with regard to respecting the environment that surrounds us. In fact, the production cycle also uses plastics obtained from renewable sources, along with post-consumption materials. Our awareness of the importance of sustainability in today’s world can also be seen at our headquarters, where clean energy is used which is obtained from renewable sources produced by our photovoltaic system.


Equipped with systems and machines that are continuously renewed in line with technological evolution, we are able to provide our customers with an efficient and complete service, from the quotation to the design, from the creation of the moulds to their testing, and going so far as the finished product. The company offers customers the opportunity to customise their products with screen printing, as it has a screen printing and labelling department boasting cutting-edge equipment and specialist technical personnel. The finishing department deals with assembly and packaging strictly in line with the specifications provided by the customer.


In addition to our standard range of products, we can create a series of articles – to our in-house design or to the customer’s design – ranging from bottles, jars and containers of various sizes and shapes, to technical articles for the technical and industrial sectors, for gardening, window dressing, furniture, hobbies, toys and much more. We are able to manufacture using different techniques, from moulding to blow-moulding to stretch-blow moulding and we offer an efficient and complete service from the quotation to the creation of the moulds to their testing until obtaining the finished product.


NEW All-Electric PET single-stage machine. Broad choice from the mouth to the shape of the bottle, jar and can. The customer’s idea can be customised to the max, ranging from small to large capacities, including the closure thread. Thanks to the production carried out in our specific in-house department, STP specialises in creating long-lasting containers, free from contaminations and resistant to the surrounding environment. STP’s containers are all high quality and very safe for end users, simple to recycle and respectful of the environment and of the consumer.

We are able to create
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