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Certifications and company policy

ISO 9001

We have been ISO 9001 certified for over twenty years, the primary pursuit of which is to satisfy our customers in relation to the products and services supplied, as well as to improve the business performances on a continuous basis, enabling our company to maintain and improve over time the quality of its goods and services for our customers.
The ISO 9001 certified quality management system is a strategic tool, also often required by public tenders, but also by various sectors such as automotive, technical, cosmetic, food and many others.

Plastica seconda vita

We are Plastica Seconda Vita Certified which guarantees the production with regenerated plastic from differentiated waste collection, from industrial waste and from MixEco according to the concept of the “traceability” of recycled materials, calculating their content as envisaged by the UNI EN ISO 14021 standard.
All certified bottles may also, upon request, bear the “Plastica Seconda Vita” logo to identify them. This makes them more easily identifiable as products that can also be used by Public Administrations and/or companies with predominantly public capital, as well as the large-scale retail trade industry and private citizens.
The Plastica Seconda Vita brand promotes and communicates the recycling of the polymers used, also to highlight the huge potential of regenerated plastic materials in the achievement of a circular economy.
All products can be viewed at the following link:

PRS Green label

We have obtained the PRS Green Label with our personal certificate as a partner which actively contributes to their circular pallet reuse system.
Thanks to us, the recovery of their pallets can be maximised and they can be reused as often as possible.
With PRS Green Label, we form part of a sustainable network with green polymer manufacturers, plastics processors, carriers, depots, merchants and distributors.
Each entity plays its own part with a view to ensuring that the pallet reuse system functions, contributing together to a better environment.

Company policy

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